What are Bevy Buck$?

Bevy Buck$ are our very own Bevy’s Liquor World currency worth $1 each.

You must be a Rewards member to earn and spend Bevy Buck$.


How do I earn Bevy Buck$?

1) Purchase products that offer Bevy Buck$ such as the Bevy’s Big Buys in our emails.

2) Watch for Coupons that include Bevy Buck$.

3) Correctly answer our in-store Trivia Contest.


Stay in the know on even more opportunities to earn Bevy Buck$ in your Bevy’s emails, Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Instagram.


How do I spend Bevy Buck$?

1) Bevy Bucks can be spent like cash on your next purchase.

2) Bevy Bucks can be used to purchase something from Bevy’s Treasure Trove prize cabinet located at the front of the store. You may now also use and/or combine Club Bevy Reward dollars and Bevy Buck$ in the Treasure Trove!


*Items in the Treasure Trove are either allocated, hard to get items or discounted items…so your Bucks go farther if you spend them in the Trove!

Club Bevy Reward dollars may also be used in the Treasure Trove!